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I already felt a strong murderous look from him. When Monrido saw Tang Mei, hatred welled up in his heart. “I’ll kill you, you bastard!” He shouted. “I know you hate me,” Tang said calmly. Give you a chance to act like a real man.. Fight me in a dignified manner. “” Monrido nodded heavily, suddenly pushed Pu Man away, and strode toward Tang Mei. Jacques saw Monrido let go of his sister and shouted, “Take him down!” Tang Mei smiled indifferently and said, “I told you..” I’ll give him a chance. Monrido let out a roar, the machete has been thunderous to Tang Mei, Tang Mei did not make any counterattack action, perhaps he has been unable to respond. Just as the blade was about to hit Tang Mei, Tang Mei’s body suddenly fell to the ground, and the distance between him and the machete suddenly widened. At the same time, the long knife in his hand went up at an incredible angle and pierced Monrido’s lower abdomen first. Tang Mei was obviously unable to exert all his strength after he was seriously injured, otherwise the knife would surely have stabbed Monrido to death. With a scream, Monrido staggered back, and seeing the opportunity, Jacques rushed up and punched Monrido in the neck, knocking him unconscious. His Fork Tower warriors rushed up and tied Monrido firmly. Pu Mu cried and picked up Tang Mei. Tang Mei’s chest oozed blood again. The battle just now made his wound burst again. “Don’t worry,Industrial pallet rack,” said Jacques. “I’ll save him.” Wang Zheng’s accidental death made me lose a guide. The process of going to Beihu would be much more difficult. Although Jacques said he would punish Monrido severely, I did not believe that he would really do so. You should know that Monrido was his sworn Anda since childhood, and Jacques would not kill him. As I expected, the news of Monrido’s escape came that night. I knew that Jacques must have released him in private, but I could only swallow it in my heart. There was no need to pursue this matter now. I left Tang Mei in Chuanyun Valley for the time being. The next morning, he and Chu Er left Chuanyun Valley with our warriors and continued to March in the direction of Beihu. When I walked out of Taniguchi, I heard someone calling me behind me. I turned around and saw Jacques riding a black horse chasing our team. I reined in my horse and said with a smile,Pallet rack beams, “What else do you want, Jacques?” When Jacques came to me, I noticed that he was still carrying his bags on his back. He looked like he was going to go far away. Jacques said, “I heard Tang Mei say that it was your guide who died last night.” I nodded my head. Jacques said apologetically, “This is because of me. I can’t absolve myself of the blame. Why don’t I send you to Beihu in person to express my apology?” I smiled indifferently and said, “Brother, why should you be so polite? Although Wang Zheng is dead, we still have a road map for reference.” Jacques said sincerely, “The road to Yinshan is complicated. If you don’t have a person who is familiar with the terrain to lead the way, it will be very difficult for you to reach Beihu smoothly.”. Besides, we are not the only ones who live in Yinshan. I will take you there to avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble. There was some truth in what he said. I hesitated for a moment, then finally nodded and said, “In that case, I will trouble Jacques.” Jacques laughed, heavy duty racking system ,Steel racking system, showing his white and straight teeth. “You can call me Jacques in the future. Don’t look so raw.” Through Jacques’s mouth, he knew that this time he came not only his own idea, but also asked him to lead the way for us, in order to compensate Monrido for killing Wang Zheng. I said to myself, “Eighty percent of the people saw that Jacques had deliberately let Monrido go, and this time let him be our guide, which was more or less an apology.” Jacques was familiar with the road of Yinshan Mountain, and with his help, we walked out of the foot of Yinshan Mountain two days later and came to the grassland of Geshute. At the turn of spring and summer, the sky is high and the clouds are light. On the grassland, the grass is lush and the grass is green. The earth seems to be covered with a vast and boundless blanket. The breeze blows through the green waves and undulates in the sunshine.
The intoxicating green is dotted with golden dandelions, blue lotus, pink lilies and snow-colored beads, and the fragrance is sent into my heart with the gentle breeze, which makes my mind feel comfortable. “Wukusu, the capital of Beihu, is still two days away from here,” said Jacques. “There are vast grasslands all along the way.” I looked at the endless grassland, can not help but sigh: “If you do not guide the way, in this grassland, it is difficult to identify the direction.” Jacques said with a smile, “Walking on the prairie, the scene in my eyes is almost the same. People who have never lived here can easily get lost.” Since stepping into the body where his ancestors had galloped, his eyes had become burning and affectionate. “I’ve never asked you why you went to the city of Ukusu,” Jacques said. When I came here, there was no need to hide it any more. I sighed and said, “To tell you the truth, I am Long Yinkong, King of Dakangping. I came here to attend the funeral.” Jacques was stunned for a moment. “Are you King Ping, who rules Xuancheng?” He asked. He looked at me and said, “When I first saw you, I thought you were different from ordinary people. It seems that I was right.” The two of us slowed down our horses at the same time and moved slowly. Jacques said, “I heard that after you came to Xuandi, you were very impressive. We are going to make a surprise attack.” His words are quite direct. I smiled and said, “If you dare to harass the people again, I’m afraid you will suffer heavy losses.” Jacques laughed, too. “I might not have believed it,” he shouted. “But if you were King Ping of Xuancheng, I would reconsider the matter.” Two days later, we finally arrived at the city of Wukusu, the capital of Beihu. The customs here are totally different from those of Donghu. Most of the people, men and women, old and young,Cantilever Storage rack, use horses instead of walking. No wonder it is called the country on horseback. The outer walls of Ukusu City are not as lofty as I imagined, and the guards at the gate seldom check the passing merchants, so I can’t find the heavily guarded atmosphere common in other capitals.

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