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Tina looked at the screen again, still so beautiful that people could not move their eyes, but wanted to pat Pan Lang on the shoulder and say sorry to him. Instead, he patted him on the shoulder and said encouragingly, “It doesn’t matter. Even the most beautiful things will be lost with the passage of time. People will get used to it and will no longer be as amazing as they used to be.”. What’s more, it’s just an interior decoration, people will naturally get used to it after two days, and the best decoration is only superficial. She paused and then asked, “What are you going to do about this renovation plan?” Pan Langnu raised his mouth and shook his head gently. Tina comforted him and said softly, “Anyway, you must find a decoration company for decoration. You don’t have to worry about this kind of thing alone. You can let the people of the decoration company look at this drawing and tell them the specific situation of bright happiness. See what good ideas they have. After all, they are professional and may be able to provide you with good ideas and ideas.” Pan Lang nodded, he seemed to ignore this point, but this effect map is not easy, can only let people browse, but can not be leaked out. Pan Lang chuckled. He had already reported all these things to Shang yuan, but he had just returned to the headquarters of Dingshang Group. The affairs were very complicated. He only told him some things and asked him to discuss with Archie. Archie is a lot of ideas about the decoration, but two people to discuss, are not suitable,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, for a while even forgot to turn to professionals. He nodded, and Tina asked with concern, “How is the situation of Bright Happiness recently? Shang yuan has just left. Has the morale of Bright Happiness been affected? Can you convince the public?”. Shang yuan will give you here, but you must keep an eye on it. Pan Lang nodded and said, “In fact, there must be some people who have opinions about Mr. Shang’s temporary agent. Fortunately, Archie has such excellent professional qualifications in the company, but he has no objection and supports me at ordinary times.”. Look at his attitude,S Adenosyl Methionine, so on the surface, everyone is quite obedient to the leadership. Tina smiled, Pan Lang himself said that it was on the surface, it seems that there is still some time to be convinced, but even on the surface, such a short time has been extremely rare. She thought about it and suddenly said, “Yes, you have just taken office. The employees in various positions of Bright Happiness are more complicated. You have just taken over now. You must emphasize discipline more, lest some of them neglect their duties and cause trouble.” Pan Lang nodded and then said softly, “Recently, senior photographers have asked for leave one after another. I think it may be because my temporary duty as General Manager Shang has aroused their dissatisfaction. I haven’t approved it yet.” Tina glanced at him and said softly, “Did Archie approve?” Pan Lang was slightly stunned. The photographers seemed to have come to ask him for leave directly. He just changed the subject with something else and did not reply for the time being. Tina knew that he was not stupid, but was kind and soft-hearted. She said directly, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Theobromine Powder, “You can’t carry this kind of thing by yourself. Archie is the art director. It is reasonable to say that all photographers should be managed by him. He can’t just be responsible for art direction without daily administrative management.”. Senior photographers ask for leave one after another. First of all, you have to ask Archie. If he agrees, then the photographer’s schedule will be done by him. If he doesn’t agree, the senior photographers will naturally back down. Pan Lang looked at Tina and was enlightened. Tina further inspired him and said, “These photographers are either really in a hurry, or they are all from photography, but they are not convinced by you who just came here. They want to test your attitude.”. If your attitude is too easy-going, you may not be regarded as kind, but as weak and bullying, and it will be more difficult to manage in the future. These photographers have been working for so long, and as long as they want to do it sincerely, they will never dare to be angry with Archie. Only then did Pan Lang feel that the matter was complicated. Then he nodded and said softly, “I will discuss it with Archie. In addition, we should work out the countermeasures for TRUELOVE as soon as possible to give employees confidence. Otherwise, they will feel that they have no chance to win. I’m afraid their hearts will be floating.”.
” Tina nodded and looked at Pan Lang and said, “Yes, I heard a theory in the service industry the other day that the customer’s fault is also your fault. I think it may be useful to you. Do you want to listen to it?” Pan Lang was very interested and looked at Tina and said softly, “I haven’t heard of it. Tell me about it quickly.” Tina nodded and said softly, “Have you ever noticed that when we go to a restaurant for dinner, especially a slightly better restaurant, or go shopping in a supermarket, when you hand the cash to the cashier, they will always repeat the amount of cash you receive.”. Hello, charge you two hundred yuan or three hundred yuan. Pan Lang nodded and continued: “And after we finish ordering in the restaurant, the waiter will repeat the dishes we ordered. It doesn’t seem to be anything special. It’s done everywhere.” Tina nodded and said softly, “This actually hides a management concept of the service industry. To do the best wholeheartedly, it is not enough for the staff of the service industry not to make mistakes, but also to avoid customers making mistakes.” Pan Lang raised his eyebrows with a touch of doubt in his eyes. “The customer’s fault is your fault,” Tina said with a smile. For example, the customer clearly handed over 150 yuan, but the cashier did not confirm it. When the change was made, the customer made a mistake and thought that the payment was 200 yuan. Of course, there may be cameras, there may be other witnesses, and the customer may even apologize for the wrong amount of payment, but do you think he will come back next time? Pan Lang shook his head and said softly, “Of course not. Last time, a pair of customers were about to enter the door of Bright Happiness. As a result, the female customer slipped and fell carelessly. They didn’t even enter the door. They turned around and walked away directly.”. Since then, Mr. Shang has paid special attention to these things, emphasizing that we must do a good job of service, but it does not extend your theory. Now when you say it, you’ll understand. Tina laughed and said softly, “Sales are common anyway. Besides that,Sex Enhancement Powder, you also need to find out the real needs of customers, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort. When a customer comes in, you can get a customer.” 273 Xinkang has a condition 273 Xinkang has a condition.

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