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The archduke, with a smile in his eyes and a little appreciation, made a slightly exaggerated knight’s salute and said softly with a smile, “Lorenzo.” Medici at your service, lovely young lady. Lorenzo.. Medici! Has even this legendary figure become a vampire? Although Du Sui has always been proud of the advantage of being surprised and unchanged, he can’t help but open his lips slightly into an o shape at this time. Ah, my young lady, please don’t doubt. I’m not a vampire. I’m a dark wizard. Ah? However, with Lorenzo’s special, it is not so strange. Lorenzo is an interesting character, known as the laurenzo le magnifique, which translates as Lorenzo the Perfect. He is very ugly in himself, but his demeanor is very good. He is known as perfect everywhere except his face. He was not only elegant, with great aesthetic ability and artistic vision, but also showed excellent literary talent at a very young age. He was also a very successful politician. As a descendant of bankers, the Grand Duke of Florence was more popular than the popular Republican Party. When he and his brother were assassinated, the citizens of Florence spontaneously sounded the alarm, rushed into the streets,warehouse rack manufacturer, killed the Republicans and threw them into the river. Under his rule, Florence reached unprecedented prosperity, with a small city, the annual gross domestic product is comparable to that of Britain and France, and the trade volume is far more than that. Later, it aroused the covetousness of other small Italian States, and the Pope and the King of Naples joined forces to attack. Florence’s military was weak,Steel racking system, and it was almost impossible to repel the enemy, but the citizens of Florence were very brave to defend their homeland and city-state. Without letting anyone know, Lorenzo secretly sailed to Naples to meet the King of Naples. His charm and charm convinced the court of Naples and made him a distinguished guest from a prisoner. The King of Naples admired him very much. He not only agreed to withdraw his troops, but also accompanied him to the Holy See to persuade the Pope. In the face of the Pope, Lorenzo used his excellent oratorical skills to defeat the enemy without a fight, starting from the fact that Turkey was eyeing covetously and was bound to invade the east, and that the Italian States should unite with the outside world. Later, as expected, Turkey invaded and fought a large-scale naval battle, during which Lorenzo’s performance showed that he also had the talent of a military strategist. In history, there is no one like Lorenzo who is so colorful, has the ability to govern the world but has no ambition, is free and easy, Warehouse storage racks ,Pallet rack upright, and has a clear understanding of the world. He is the historical figure that Du Sui appreciates most. I didn’t expect to see him today. But Didn’t he die five hundred years ago? Could it be that this is the legendary Necromancer? Lorenzo.. The Medici looked at Du Sui with a smile. Say, “Little girl, are you afraid?”? But I think you are also very good. China is really an amazing country. Du Suixiang: Oh, this has changed from “young lady” to “little girl”, from “you” to “you”! But since it’s Lorenzo.. Medici “So it is only cordial, not abrupt.”. Hasn’t the Grand Duke been to China? If you are interested next time, please allow me to entertain you. Lorenzo.. Medici smiled and nodded 。 Du Sui did not know what to say for a moment, and only then did he realize the mood of the star-chasing girls when they saw their idols lose their temper. She wanted not only to ask a lot about the history of that year, but also to discuss the joy of life with the wisest man in her mind, and at the same time to ask him questions about magic and witchcraft. Suddenly, Lorenzo.. There was a look of wariness and gravity on Medici’s face. Du Sui was a little surprised. Looking back, he saw Jin Mo coming out of the shadow of the woods. The moonlight was sprinkled on his young and handsome face. There was an indescribable magic, like a wild God. Jin Mo stood beside Du Sui, who looked up slightly at his pointed and handsome jaw and felt heartfelt joy for a moment. But when he took her wrist in a defensive and possessive gesture, he drew her to him and spoke to Lorenzo in a hostile tone. Said the Archduke Medici “Who are you?” Du Sui frowned with displeasure. She had said before that she was afraid of Jin Mo’s possessive desire for her, which was a strong threat to her freedom, which she thought was more precious than life and second only to dignity, in view of their unequal strength and Jin Mo’s overweening temperament.
But since the two had a physical relationship, this momentum has intensified, it seems difficult to stop, but fortunately, even Jin Mo is more tolerant of her than before, and sometimes even makes her have the illusion that he loves her. But that’s not more important than her freedom. For example, just now, Jin Mo clearly saw her and Lorenzo. The Grand Duke of the Medici spoke and laughed earnestly. He was so hostile that he regarded the archduke not so much as a potentially threatening enemy as a jealous imaginary rival in love. Just now it felt like a warm hand holding her, but now it was as unbearable as a shackle. Lorenzo.. The Medici archduke smiled. Say, “Your little boyfriend?”? It’s very powerful. Du Sui blushed and said angrily to Jin Mo, “I was caught by Count Vampire just now. Fortunately, Your Highness saved me. You should thank him.” Jin Mo frowned with a murderous look. “What kind of vampire is it?”? I’ll find out! Du Sui looked at him and thought to himself, “This guy is not so energetic to find the nest of his prey, is he?”? Lorenzo.. Said the Medici. : “Vampires are very rare now. Please, for my sake, don’t bother them.” “All right,” said Du Sui. But in the heart thought, is the vampire also calculates the protection animal? Jin Mo was silent. Be cool. Lorenzo.. The Medici Archduke could see naturally that Jin Mo was still hostile to him. He smiled at Du Sui and said, “Nice to meet you, smart and beautiful Miss Dongfang. I hope we can meet again next time.” Then Du Sui saw a black smoke, Lorenzo. The Medici archduke disappeared. 。 Along the way, Du Suidu was happy to see his idol, and Jin Mo frowned more and more. Back to the hotel, Du Sui asked him if he liked the room,Drive in racking system, Jin Mo said he didn’t feel it; Du Sui asked him how his trip to Venice was, he just said “OK”. Du Sui is annoyed, say: “What do you have feeling after all then?” 。

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