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“Master,” said the sand in a low voice, “please send me on my way.” This is the rule of execution, according to which the deceased should be accompanied by anyone in the field, no matter how high the status of the other party, as long as the deceased opens his mouth, no one has any reason to refuse or violate it. Laosha, “Bi Lanxin said,” I’ll see you off. I hope you have a safe journey. Please! ” In the lingering sound, Bi Lanxin, the master of the secret door, moved gently and walked slowly to Sha Ziqi’s side. He held him gently with one hand and said, “Don’t hesitate, old friend. I’ll see you off.”. Sand Qi proudly took a big step forward and walked around the hall. Every step he took, Bilanxin took a step tightly, so the black flag steward also took a step forward to follow, and the line of followers also moved with him. Dozens of pairs of thin bladed boots lightly stepped on the ground, sounded a series of regular sounds, and the sound of “rustling” echoed. The light and shadow of the pine oil torch reflected a large dead halo in the hall. The light and people combined into a very incongruous picture. There was a kind of desolate sadness in everyone’s eyes. Suddenly, Sha Ziqi’s body staggered and almost fell to the ground. The Black Flag steward grabbed him forward and said, “Brother, be careful.” Gradually,Amber Dropper Bottles, Sha Ziqi’s body began to move forward again, very slowly, like an old cow, dragging forward with the last trace of strength, walking very hard. The light of the fire shone on his face, and there was a look of fear and awe in his pale face before he died. He looked back at the steward of the Black Flag and said, “Elder brother.” His voice became so gentle that it was like an old friend who had not seen him for many years, and like the cold wind blowing in the middle of winter,30ml dropper bottle, which made everyone feel worse than being cut by a sharp blade. The chief steward of the Black Flag seemed to be shocked. He stopped and stared at the Taoist friend’s face. His eyes were wet and two tears fell down. “Brother,” he said in a hoarse voice, “I will burn incense and send you money.” “Thank you, thank you.” Sha Ziqi said in a dreamy voice, “People can only vent their feelings before they die.”. The Black Flag steward’s mind trembled violently, as if he had been hit by an invisible blow. His lips trembled slightly, and he did not even spit out a word. “Don’t tell me, I know you are also spiritual,” said Shaqi with a heroic laugh. The light of the fire trembled gently, and the solemn procession circled the field three times. At the moment of the last turn, Sha Ziqi was surprisingly calm. When he reached the front of the dark cave, his whole body seemed to tighten, and he looked at the two men in red robes, and his body suddenly stopped on the ground. The steward of the Black Flag stepped forward and stood side by side with Sha Ziqi. His eyes were cold and he said without a trace of affection, “Old Sha, oil dropper bottle ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, please love yourself.” Sha Ziqi slowly turned his face sideways, and a faint wry smile appeared on his face. His thick eyebrows shook deeply, and he said, “I know..”. He glanced at the stone standing in the distance and said loudly, “Brother Shi, I’ll go first.” Shi Qiuzhong’s eyes were all wet. “You..” Sha Ziqi suddenly turned around and bowed to everyone with a deep bow. It was the last thank-you gift. With a gentle gesture, he jumped down from his head and feet to the big dark cave. “Wow!” There was a shrill cry of fear, and the hall buzzed through the air, and all the people were stunned by the tragic scene. In the glittering hall, no one made a little sound. They all looked at the big dark hole in the dark. At this time, there was a bloody wind rushing up, and the dark wind spurted out. “He’s dead,” the Black Flag steward said bitterly. The voice was very low, as if it was a sigh from Jiuyou, as if it was spreading the news of Sha Ziqi’s death, and my heart was filled with a sense of sadness, which was sad for losing a person of the same kind. Bi Lanxin’s indifferent face did not show a smile from beginning to end, and at this time he also smiled slightly.
The laughter pierced everyone’s heart like a family of sharp arrows, and they seemed to hear the sadness of a wolf, and they were sad for their own misfortune. He clapped his hands gently and said, “Well, now please ask the steward to release the dead.”. The chief steward of the Black Flag raised his head blankly and looked at this generation of demons in surprise. He did not understand why the Lord of the Secret Gate suddenly felt pity and intended to cross over the dead Sha Ziqi’s soul to the West. Does he also have a human heart, or is there a human spirit hidden behind that cold face. The chief steward of the Black Flag clapped his hands gently, and the crisp applause spread throughout the silent hall. The lingering sound echoed in everyone’s heart. He said in a loud voice: “Sacrifice to the spirit.”. From the small door on the left side, four boys came out slowly, holding three sticks of incense in their hands, as well as a stack of paper money, a triangular paper guide like an arrow, with five black characters written on it, “the position of sand wonder”, held by the two big men in red robes, gently placed in front of the cave where they died. “Incense!” Exclaimed the Black Flag steward. Bi Lanxin first came over, twirled three sticks of incense, bowed three times in front of the strange spirit of sand, inserted it into a small clay incense tripod, gazed at the spirit tablet silently for a while, his lips trembled gently, as if he were praying silently to the dead, and quietly returned to his original position. A line of people in order to give the sand incense, everyone’s eyes are very strange, no one’s eyes do not show a confused and sad look. People’s feelings are very strange things, in life, also want to curse him to die quickly, when the person who was cursed really died, will feel that this person should not die like this, so feelings are the most elusive thing. The chief steward of the black flag said in a deep voice, “Send the spirits to heaven, and the souls of the dead will cross over.” The four boys in black were released from the paper tin pool of the underworld. Suddenly, they burst into flames,30ml Dropper Bottle, and the flames were beating in front of people’s eyes. It was as if a ghost had leaped up in the flames, rising into the sky with the flying ashes, and gradually receding.. penghuangbottle.com

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