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Miko Ida’s face turned cold and she said angrily, “Why is it so troublesome?”? Officer Grandpa, we are staying at the Haoyue Inn in the west of the city. If you don’t understand tonight, you can come to check it! Sure enough, this is very effective. The big man was almost so happy that his soul flew away. Ha ha ha! The girl is really a sensible person. With a bold wave of his hand, he laughed and said, “I’m going to visit you tonight. You two can go to town.” “Thank you, Master Jun.” Ida Miko smiled like a flower on horseback and waved her hand gently. This little action has spoiled the guy who doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead. Dong Jiuzi’s stomach is sneering. If you can live to tonight, Dong’s head will be a chair for you. With the general order of the big man, Dong Jiuzi and Ida Miko went smoothly. After the two of them entered the city, they were not in a hurry to go to the Wolf King Temple, but first found a restaurant to sit down. The bartender served a few plates of food and said casually, “Are you two here to visit friends?” “Yes.” Dong Jiuzi answered lightly, without saying a word more. The bartender smiled and said to himself, “Be careful!”! The Wolf King appeared in the city recently and killed a lot of people. The Wolf King shows up? The interest of Yi Tian beautiful child can come, way: “How is this one and the same?” It was yesterday! In the Wolf King Temple in the east of the city,oil dropper bottle, the worshipping Wolf King was suddenly furious and killed fifty-one people in one breath! The bartender shivered and looked around for a while before saying, “This is because the last of the dead, General Tonis, who came to support Zhonggong Banner, has alarmed Khan..” Dong Jiuzi was also interested. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Is the Wolf King a man or a wolf?” “This..” The bartender scratched his head and said with a dry smile,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, “No one saw it, so I don’t know.” Dong Jiuzi nodded and stuffed a small ingot of gold into the waiter’s hand. “Thank you for your care,” he said with a faint smile. “We’ll be careful.” “The bartender was rewarded, and of course he went to bow with a smile.” Hello! It seems to be very interesting, doesn’t it? Ida Miko giggled, because the place where she was going to meet Xiao Xitian and Yuwen Fengling was the Wolf King Temple. It’s one thing to be fun, it’s another thing to be dangerous. Dong Jiuzi said in a deep voice, “Now that the woman Ming Lengxiang has noticed it, it’s not good to meet there tonight.” Unconvinced, Miko Ida snorted, “Are you afraid of her?” “Dong is not afraid of anyone.” Dong Jiuzi glared at Miko Ida and hummed, “It’s just that she’ll lead thousands of people there, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,30ml Dropper Bottle, and our identities will be exposed..” Miko Ida nodded and said with a sudden smile, “Well..” How about we go and talk to Brother Su first? Dong Jiuzi glanced at the troublesome little girl and said lightly, “It’s a pity that Su Fo’er and Shan Wenxue have gone in!” What? Miko Ida was about to shout when someone outside, sweating profusely, rushed in and shouted, “It’s terrible. The six good players sent by Khan to enter the Wolf King Temple are all dead..” At that moment, all the people in the building were shouting and talking. Some of them had the courage to shout, “Let’s go and have a look..” What are you looking at? Do you want to die? “No!”! As long as you don’t enter the Wolf King Temple, you won’t kill anyone. “Yes!”! We were out all night last night, but we didn’t do anything. “Go!” Then someone stood up, and immediately someone followed. For a time, many people followed him out. Dong Jiuzi, however, was sitting by herself, eating without moving. Hello! You’re not interested in seeing it? “Our Fusang girl’s heart is already itching.” Don’t worry.. Dong Jiuzi ate a few mouthfuls of food slowly and said, “There will be more good plays later..” Miko Ida rolled her eyes and understood. “Do you mean to wait for Ming Lengxiang to come to the Wolf King Temple in person?” She asked. Dong Jiuzi smiled and said, “It’s good to understand. Eat!” Ming Lengxiang really came to the Wolf King Temple. It’s just that she brought at least two thousand troops to surround the small temple circle after circle. She did not like the appearance of the Wolf King, especially when she saw the body, her sneer rose to the corners of her mouth.
Fifty-seven specifically, yesterday and today are all one way to die. Died under a very terrible fist. Yi dead slave, ha ha ha. Ming Lengxiang laughed and said in a loud voice, “Is your purpose to attract me?”? I’m here, come out if you want to do it! No response. Only the evening breeze at dusk is blowing. Ming Lengxiang raised his eyebrows coldly and shouted, “Well, Ben Khan doesn’t believe you can hide in there for long!” As soon as she waved her hand, fifty or sixty archers filled their bows. The bow tips were all wrapped in oilcloth, and the fire of the oilcloth was flourishing. Shoot! Ming Lengxiang is a simple and powerful word. Suddenly, in the eyes of the crowd, I saw dozens of meteor-like lines of fire running into the Wolf King Temple, and the bright red flames turned into fierce flames. Red half a day and the sunset of the Western Hills. The second wave of rockets came out again, which strengthened the flames rising from the sky. No, no shadow rushed out of the temple. Where are the dead slaves? Has he left the Wolf King Temple, or is he staying inside? Yang Xuehong was somewhat worried in the crowd. She could see that those bodies were indeed killed by Yi’s slain fingers and fists. The problem is that the dead slave will not be such a casual person. How high is the leader of the hundred eight dragons. Yang Xuehong frowned deeply and was thinking about it when suddenly there was a big commotion in the crowd. Every look, every sound is in the same direction. It was on the roof of a high pavilion a few feet away, and in front of the rising full moon, there was a figure standing proudly like a wolf. Wolf King! “Wolf King.” Everyone shouted, “When the Wolf King comes out of the temple,Blue Bottle Serum, he will die. When the Wolf King comes out of the temple, he will die..” The whole atmosphere just turns back and forth, and the gloom and fear are suffocating! Yang Xuehong suddenly felt uneasy.

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